Birthday cake

Simple idea, great result.
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Day one

Tings needed for the sponge

This was not in the recipe, but I want the cake to be of a cocoa-flavor
I've added 10g of cocoa powder


And into the oven

Not bad

Cutting the sponge to get 3 layers

Strawberries as the filling

Boiling it a bit so that they are softer


Preparing gelatin.

(after 30 minutes)
This damn gelatin doesn't turn solid...
Big problems ahead because of this

Lookin' good

I used water + lemon juice so that the sponge won't be dry

oooooooohhh gelatin-bros
This doesn't look too good...
The sponge sinks. The filling does not support the sponge!
This doesn't look good. If the filling won't become more solid,
the cake will end in the bin.

Day two

It stays together. YES! VICTORY!!

I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge.
Quick water bath should do.


In here I need only albumen.

Adding like a ton of sugar.

Albumen to be mixed till fluffy

First layer.
The filling started to melt a bit.
Not good, not good.
I've put it back in the fridge before applying second layer.

Second layer.
That goes in the fridge.

The cake will have a chocolate drip.

Water bath to melt the chocolate.

Le cake without chocolate drip.

Le cake with chocolate drip.
At this stage, this cake is done.
This is what I wanted to achieve.


There's more!
So my flat-mate had birthday recently.
I was like "Let me continue with the cake"
So I've written the name on it.
Looks alright!

Some balloons and candles...

~~Happy Birthday, Monika!~~

After a strong *puff*

The cake looked so nice, that I've centered it and
made a 1920x1080 wallpaper out of it