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New front page


So I've seen people having a simple index page, where they just put their info.
I kind of like it. It's "minimalistic" to a certain point.
That's why I've moved the "News" section to a separate page.
It can be found in the menu.

Keepin' it simple, yo!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to the VPS!
The uptime is 365 days!
Quite an achievement!

OwnCast server and future plans


Long time no see!
No, I am not dead. I am pretty much alive.
Now that I am writting this, I've just noticed that my last post was almost a year ago. Oh well, the time flies.

I would like to say that I've started hosting OwnCast on this server.
I do not intend to stream much. It is just an example of a service running on a simple VPS.
The more services I have, the more independent I am.
Free of big companies.

Long term plan: Create a Jitsi instance.
Jitsi is an open-source alternative to Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Some interesting (and quite important) readings: Trial by proprietary software How I Fought To Graduate Without Using Nonfree Software Freeing videoconferencing, one village at a time: A story from Spain

See you y'all!

SSI and Polish tests


The Server-Side-Include in Nginx has been enabled and the index file dynamically includes sections like menu, news and footer.

There is a new menu entry called "Polish Tests".
Once you click on it, you will be redirected to a page where all my self-made Polish tests are listed.

I think it is a nice way to test your skills if you are learning Polish language.

(JavaScript is required to fill the blanks)

Have a nice day y'all!

Greetings LUL


This website proves that I'm not a web peasant (according to Luke Smith) because I own

But, there's still a lot to do. My lack of knowledge in CSS prevents me to do ALL THE GREAT STUFF THAT I WANT.

My future plans are as follows:
Thanks y'all!